Weekly tech news #5

1. Here is The Vatican’s plan for the development of ethical AI.

The paper called “Rome Call for AI Ethics” has been sigh by IBM and Microsoft with the Vatican. This document intends to develop artificial intelligence in a way that will protect the planet and the rights of all people.



2. The Pentagon now has 5 principles for artificial intelligence

The five principles are as follows:

Responsible. DoD personnel will exercise appropriate levels of judgment and care, while remaining responsible for the development, deployment, and use of AI capabilities.

Equitable. The department will take deliberate steps to minimize unintended bias in AI capabilities.

Traceable. The department’s AI capabilities will be developed and deployed so that staffers have an appropriate understanding of the technology, development processes, and operational methods that apply to AI. This includes transparent and auditable methodologies, data sources, and design procedure and documentation.

Reliable. The department’s AI capabilities will have explicit, well-defined uses, and the safety, security and effectiveness of such capabilities will be subject to testing.

Governable. The department will design and engineer AI capabilities to fulfill their intended functions while possessing the ability to detect and avoid unintended consequences, and the ability to disengage or deactivate deployed systems that demonstrate unintended behavior.




3. HTC Reveals Passthrough AR Faceplate For Vive Cosmos

The Cosmos XR Faceplate is a developer product planned for launch in Q2 2020. The kit features two front-facing cameras used for passthrough to see the real world when wearing the headset. Cosmos XR features a 100 degree field of view (FOV) when using AR. Four of the Cosmos’ inside-out tracking cameras remain in place for six degrees of freedom (6DOF) tracking.