About our book "How to curb AI"

Artificial intelligence, or rather machine learning, is becoming the technological foundation for creating digital products and services. At the same time, the technology itself and approaches are more complex, which means that new knowledge and skills are needed to manage machine learning projects.
We share our knowledge with you in a convenient format for the manual and address it to project managers, product managers, and technology entrepreneurs. Also, the book will be useful for managers of any business functions (financiers, lawyers, marketers, sellers, logisticians, etc.).
We tried to make it understandable to a wide range of readers, without delving too much into the technical subtleties. We describe the basic principles of ML, metrics, data issues, teams, the choice of a contractor and some other practical issues
We wish our book to become your guide in the complex and exciting world of machine learning projects.


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About the authors


Sergey Lukashkin

Ph.D. in Mathematics, MBA.
More than 14 years of practical experience in project management in the financial sector in large retail banks: URALSIB, NOMOS-Bank, Otkrytie, VTB Bank. In the last five years, I specialize in conducting digital transformations. I lead digital transformation projects based on DTL, ML, VR / AR, IoT, biometric accessibility technologies.
I spread knowledge to the conference, on social networks, and my website lukashkin.com.
Co-author of the Machine Learning for Leaders course at Coursera.

Dan Lesovodskiy

I'm an entrepreneur; I created six companies. I have been working in the field of analytics and modeling since 2001. Among my clients are Soglasie Insurance Company, Prodo Group, Domestic Medicines Holding, Otkritie Bank, Raiffeisenbank, Rostelecom, Intel, GE, AB InBev, Boston Scientific, and others. I completed 43 projects as a leader.
He is currently a partner at Data Monsters, a company specializing in machine intelligence and big data.

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