Introduction on digital transformation

​You learn about innovation tech (ML, DLT, VR, IoT, etc.), how to implement one in practice, and basic knowledge about new business models.


How to manage


Management of ML-projects differs from conventional project management. You will learn the difference and how to be a successful ML project manager in that course.


Machine learning for managers

ML is a powerful technology that can dramatically transform your business. In that course, you learn how to design and manage ML-projects.


​How to sell your idea and start the project

You want to start a new project, but you need support and resources. In this course, you will learn how to identify and prove the value of a project.


What is machine learning

If you want to understand what is ML. You have to take that course, if what to be able to ask the right question to data scientists and ML-vendors.


Immersive experience for your customers

Create new immersive services for your customers. Use VR and AR technology to create new services that are fun and profitable.

Lukashkin Sergey (C)